Our friends at Matchstic are top–notch creatives, specializing in brand identity. Their staff is a mixture of full-time, part-time, and freelance employees who work in the office, on the road, and sometimes from home. They need dynamic IT support.

Before Ripple came on board, Matchstic was reliant on a single person who serviced them along with a number of other businesses. People often had to wait until he was in the office to get help, which created a lot of frustration and downtime. In addition, Matchstic’s decision makers needed more strategic consultation to help them improve their processes and keep their technology up-to-date.

With our managed IT support Matchstic folks no longer have to wait for help, and there’s no limit on how often they can call in to get it. We also provide their VoIP phone system ( a little something we like to call OfficeTalk), managing everything from the phones themselves to the network they run on.

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And if you just can’t get enough Ripple + Matchstic action, check out this video on how co-founder Craig Johnson saves time and keeps productive by outsourcing IT service to our expert team.