After seeing a video where a screen protector company cuts veggies and saws through loaves of bread on top of an iPad, we decided to compile a list of things you can but maybe shouldn’t do with your iPad. Here are the results of our scouring. Enjoy. iSlice iDice Here’s our inspiration for this whole thing. BodyGuardz, yes with a ‘z’, put their product to the test as a cutting board. The normal iPad glass holds up alright on its own, but this protector is a truly hardcore anti-scratch surface.

Gleaming The Cube These two dudes answer the question that nobody asks: Will it shred? To say that the iPad shreds is a little bit of a stretch, but it is kinda fun to watch these tatted-up guys destroy an expensive piece of technology.

Float-Mount It, or Something Why go with a run-of-the-mill car stereo or smartphone adapter when you can just pay a huge amount of money to install an iPad in your dashboard? This magnetic kit should look awesome in your iRoc.

$600 Pet Toy Eventually, there will be YouTube videos of pets playing with every object ever made. Today, it’s an iPad. If you can hang in there for over a minute, you’ll get to see a monkey try to make sense of it. Totally worth it.

Become a Painter This video from 2010 shows the first iPad artshow by well-known artist David Hockney, an English Pop Artist. He paints flowers using the app Brushes, which is cool. But there’s some great works of art on Instagram, too.

Learn Guitar, Sorta Isn’t there a better way to avoid learning how to play guitar than games like Rock Band? Of course. The All-Star Guitar transforms an iPad or iPhone into a MIDI guitar. And it has a teaching program for some reason. Weird.