When David Cummings set out to create the #1 hub for startups in the Southeast with Atlanta Tech Village, we knew this was an idea so Ripply, we had to be involved.

We set out to see how we could help. After a few months of strategizing, pivoting, and working together, everyone involved knew this was going to be a great fit. One that would benefit all parties, but most importantly Atlanta startups. We share the vision to make Atlanta one of the top 10 startup cities in the country, and as the IT provider of Atlanta Tech Village, we know we can help do our part. What is the partnership exactly?

Well, Ripple is building and managing a network in Atlanta Tech Village that will be state-of-the-art. One that will serve 100s of companies, 500 users, and several thousand visitors every year. Resting atop well over a gigabit of fiber (yeah, that’s about 650 T-1s) we are building one of the most user-friendly (and fastest) networks around. As a Meraki partner, we have been able to work closely with the smartest people in networking to design a network that will be worthy of the #1 technology hub in the Southeast.

How will Atlanta startups benefit? Well, a big part of the IT cost of servicing any company is managing network infrastructure. Since that will be taken care of by ATV/Ripple, IT support will cost startups less. The other benefit is one that’s built-in to the promise of the ATV: by banding together at Atlanta Tech Village, a startup team is going to have access to resources and services that would be hard to come by anywhere else. IT support is one of those many services.

How does Atlanta benefit? By building one of the great technology hubs in the country, Atlanta is going to attract, retain, and develop some of biggest brains, and the best companies in the world. It’s something every Atlantan will be very proud of. At Ripple, we’re humbled to play our small part.

Atlanta FTW!

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