A quick Google search for "managed IT services near me" or a ChatGPT query to "list the best managed IT services, Chattanooga" reveals dozens of managed service providers (MSPs). With so many choices, it can be hard to zero down on a trusted provider who understands your business needs and offers you the best services. 

This is where we come in. Serving the Scenic City for years, we have our market research and compiled this handy guide of the top 5 managed IT services in Chattanooga.

Neutral rating sites 

Before you begin your search for the right Managed IT service provider in Chatanooga, we recommend that you check out neutral third-party review providers to get unbiased information about MSPs, managed IT pricing, and services in Chattanooga. Check out:

  • Clutch: Clutch offers neutral, third-party reviews of Chattanooga MSPs. The best part is that you can filter MSPs by budget, services required, hourly rate, industry, and more. 
  • Google Reviews: While Google reviews are not as specialized as Clutch, you can use them to read client testimonials. 

Who do we think are the best IT MSPs in Chattanooga?

With so many options, this is certainly not an exhaustive list. However, it is a good place to start your research and will help you shortlist qualified providers who can deliver the technical expertise and IT support required to empower your business. 

Best MSP for Azure migrations

Dataprise (formerly Airnet) is your go-to partner for Azure migrations in Chattanooga. They use a state-of-the-art 51-point systems assessment tool to collect and analyze your data and then build an optimized cloud migration process in tune with your requirements. As an official Microsoft Solution Partner for Azure, the company guarantees a high-quality and successful cloud experience, helping you achieve your business outcomes. 

With over 1000 migrations completed and a team of 40+ Azure experts, they have established themselves as the leader in Azure cloud migrations in Chattanooga.  

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Best MSP for customized solutions

Founded in 1987 by the duo Mike and Karen Collins as a company selling IT hardware, MCA Technology Solutions has today grown into a trusted IT MSP with over 125 employees in Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga. The company offers a wide array of IT support and services in Chattanooga, including cloud services, network management, data backup and cybersecurity. 

What sets this company apart from others is its customized solutions. MCA Technology Solutions doesn't offer standard IT management services packages; instead, its solutions are tailored to each client's specific needs. 

The heart of the business is its nonprofit Un-Teal There is a Cure foundation focusing on ovarian cancer research. This foundation was established to honor the legacy of its co-founder, Karen Collins, who succumbed to this disease. 

Best MSP for supply chain, transportation, and manufacturing companies

Established in 1994, InfoSystems is a locally grown IT solutions provider headquartered in Chattanooga. The company offers a plethora of managed IT services in Chattanooga Valley for both SMBs and enterprises. The pandemic demonstrated the volatility of global supply chains and their profound impact on businesses. InfoSystems specializes in IT services tailored to secure and optimize an enterprise's supply chains. 

InfoSystems also offers security solutions to protect manufacturers from data breaches, phishing attacks, ransomware and other cybercrime. The company evaluates supply chains to understand and identify underlying risks and performs network security tests to mitigate delays and costs due to cyber attacks. Besides the initial review and implementation of security systems, the company also offers comprehensive training and ongoing risk assessment to help manufacturers, transportation managers, and supply chain leaders keep their systems safe from external attacks. 

InfoSystems has also partnered with security leaders like Red Hat Ansible, VMWare, and IBM to offer modern technological and automated solutions to solve the logistical problems of supply chain companies, manufacturers and transportation providers. 

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Best MSP for VoIP

Founded in 1983, IT Voice (formerly Slappey Communications) provides a diverse package of IT solutions for voice, security, and cloud. With a home office in Birmingham, Alabama, the company has 14 offices nationwide, including Dayton and Nashville, Tennessee. If you're struggling with VoIP and other voice communications, IT Voice is your go-to partner. 

The company can help you switch to a hosted phone solution by handling the on-site installation. In addition to the initial setup, the company also offers comprehensive training to help your employees quickly adapt to the new system. The best part is that they help you migrate to a hosted phone solution while retaining your current business phone numbers without experiencing downtime. 

Finally, but not least, 


Who are we? We're Ripple, and we’ve been serving Atlanta, NYC, and companies across the Southeast for over two decades. 

Ripple is the best MSP for distributed companies and hybrid workplaces looking for an MSP who understands their unique work environment. We help you make your in-office, remote, and hybrid workplaces secure and efficient. 

What is our unique selling proposition (USP)?

IT for the People

This means that we’re not just IT support, we’re people support. Our core value means that we set you and your team up to do the best work of your careers. We’re a Managed Service Provider that heavies up on the “Service” part. We’re an IT company your team members actually won’t mind calling. We’re a strategic partner. Your CEO’s new best friend, and your CTO’s ace in the hole. It drives every choice we make. 

 If your business objective is to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and improve efficiency, we're the partners you're looking for. We believe great IT is an investment in your people, and Ripple helps to keep your team productive, efficient, and happy. 

Our managed IT services are based on three core pillars:

  • Consultation: We undergo a thorough analysis of your business, objectives, industry, and competitors to build an IT strategy that scales with your business growth. 
  • Implementation: Our onboarding team handles the end-to-end implementation of your IT solutions, easing your anxieties and helping you focus on what matters the most - driving your business growth. 
  • Ongoing Support: We offer extensive IT support so your team can work on their projects without worrying about IT getting in the way. 

So, there it is — The Ripple guide to the best Managed IT Service Providers in Chattanooga. Every one of the service providers on this list is an IT expert and is dedicated to helping you succeed.

And if you'd like to chat with us directly about your most pressing IT issues, you can! Click the box below to book a time to chat — for free! — with a member of our team. 



Find answers to some of your top-asked questions.

What industries do these top MSPs primarily serve in Chattanooga?

The top MSPs in Chattanooga cater to various businesses across multiple industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, finance, legal, advertising and marketing, telecommunications, supply chain, transportation, and real estate. 

What type of companies hire the best MSPs in Chattanooga?

Businesses of all sizes and across industries seek the help of MSPs for various reasons. For example, small businesses might partner with an MSP to outsource their IT services so they can focus on their core business operations. In contrast, larger enterprises might use an MSP to aid in cybersecurity, cloud migration, and other complicated IT tasks.  

How to choose an MSP in Chattanooga?

Let’s face it: Finding an MSP who suits your business needs and budget is a huge challenge. Start by identifying your IT requirements (onboarding/offboarding, cloud migration, day-to-day IT support, software licensing, business growth). Next, compile a list of the top-rated MSPs in Chattanooga who offer these services. Reach out to the companies on your list, compare pricing and approach, and find the perfect match for your organization. We know it can be a lot to search for the right MSP for your company, so we made this  MSP comparison guide to help you during your search! 


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