Image courtesy of Deloitte Access Economics

Foosball, flex-time, coffee, snacks, parties. All really cool work perks. But you know the one your people really want?

Kick-ass IT.

The #1 perk for people in the workplace is being able to get their job done with the least friction possible. And we’ve written about how how IT support keeps people productive, and why companies should view IT as an investment, but new research from Google and Deloitte Access Economics discovered another benefit of having kick-ass IT support:

Employees who are happy with their workplace IT are one third less likely to leave the company than those who are unhappy.

The rest of the research is interesting and all but if there is only one nugget to takeaway, it’s that you can have employees who are happier, more productive, and way less likely to leave if you make kick-ass IT a perk.

Oh, I’ll definitely shill here: Ripple can help you do that.