Worksafe™ Threat IQ


Your Centralized Security Center

Let Worksafe™ Threat IQ be the brains behind your company’s threat detection. Focus on what matters - with AI-powered technology that catches IT threats by analyzing patterns across your security logs to prevent issues.

Centralized & Automated

Worksafe™ Threat IQ organizes threat logs from servers, applications, routers, and software in one central location. That also means that all the individual security alerts get condensed and centralized, so you are alerted once - only when necessary.

Threat Tracking

Monitor and track IT threats across your entire cybersecurity ecosystem in real-time with accurate, highly-specific security logs. Worksafe™ Threat IQ identifies threats as they try to move within your network and allows you to effectively troubleshoot.

High-Speed Response

Accelerate outcomes with expert support that's actively monitoring threats. Your dedicated support team will resolve your issues quickly and conveniently. 

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Beyond Just Threat Logging

Worksafe™ Threat IQ is a nimble solution in a multi-faceted, ever-changing world. That's why we provide a threat intelligence system that does more than just threat logging.

Audit for Compliance

Quickly investigate compliance across all your systems with in-depth, easy-to-run reports.

Real Eyes Where You Aren't Looking

Our team actively monitors when and where threats pop up within your security center - so they're more quickly solved.

Real-Time Flagging

Unexpected events are flagged as a problem until you decide otherwise. These flags help identify patterns of concerning activity and live within the security center so you can connect the dots without a barrage of intrusive or unnecessary alerts.


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Another Layer to Better Protect Your Team

Worksafe™ Threat IQ is just one of several layers we use in our approach to security. When choosing a MSP to work with, find someone that uses intelligent and efficient threat detection to protect your users and data. 

Use our checklist to ensure that your next MSP will also be the last one you'll ever need.


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