Worksafe™ Shadow IT Protection


Bring Shadow IT Into the Light

There are the programs your team is supposed to use, and there are the programs that they actually use. Learning what tools your team utilizes tells us where to extend your cybersecurity - which means they can use what works best for them without your data being compromised. It’s a win-win situation.

Internet-Based Tools

Worksafe™ Shadow IT is an internet-based program, which means you can get insight into the types of software and devices people are using - no matter where they are working from or how they run an application.

Know What Programs Matter to Your Team

When you peek into the shadows, you’ll find that what is available to your team isn’t always what they need. Once you know what their most productive tools are, you can further support your team and your company’s goals by including those tools in your network security.

Say “Bye-Bye” to Blindspots

If you run into a situation where your data has been compromised, you need to know where the threat was introduced, right? With Worksafe™ Shadow IT protection, you get complete visibility to see what applications may have been introduced across the entire company. 

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What’s Shadow IT and Why Does it Matter?

Any technology that you use for work that hasn’t been approved by your IT department or your MSP is considered shadow IT. And where do threats like to lurk? That’s right, in the shadows. 

Contrary to what you may think, uncovering shadow IT at your company isn’t about exposing bad programs or even stopping your employees from using certain programs - it’s about finding security gaps and closing them to protect your data. Plus, you may even find a few ways to save some money and headaches in the future!

  • Save Money
    You’ll quickly be able to see if you can save money on unused licenses and software. Plus, you will save thousands of dollars (or more) by preventing ransomware attacks and expensive data breaches.
  • Stay Compliant
    By keeping your company compliant, you’ll save time, money, and headaches by avoiding financial penalties, potential business suspension, or worse. But above all, you will protect your reputation as a trusted, secure company to do business with.
  • Support Your Team
    Let your team show you what they need to be most productive by learning what tools help them work the best. Create an open environment so they turn to you from the get-go, knowing that you support them using the programs that make them most efficient.
  • Protect Data
    Learn and adapt to how your team is working so you are no longer vulnerable to data leaks from unauthorized applications, ransomware attacks from unsecure devices, and phishing attempts from weak password practices. 
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How to Choose the Right MSP

As you research your next managed service provider, use our checklist to find a MSP that has the tools to leverage your team’s productivity and security.


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