Multi-Factor Authentication is Your First Defense

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the simplest way to take control of your cybersecurity within seconds to protect yourself from one of the largest vulnerabilities facing your network - your logins.

The Bottom Line

Just how important is MFA? So much so that as your managed service provider, we require it. If all that is standing between hackers and your sensitive information is a username and password, it’s only a matter of when - not if - your data is compromised. And that’s the bottom line.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Your time is just as precious as your sanity, so we make the process even easier by implementing single sign-on. With SSO, you log in once and you’re connected to all supported applications and software.

Multiple Authentication Methods

Using MFA maximizes your security while maintaining convenience. Choose a second form of authentication that works best for you - be it by phone call, text message, or an authenticator app.

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Security, Simplified

You’ve likely heard of two-factor authentication. That’s multi-factor authentication! MFA is easy to understand and uses at least two out of three categories to securely sign you in. 

  • Something You Know

Your password or a security question - information that only you, the user, should know.

  • Something You Have

Your phone, a keycard, or an encrypted device - an object that only you should have access to.

  • Something You Are

Your fingerprint, your face, or your retina - something that is uniquely you.

Centralized Convenience

Combining MFA with a single sign-on service keeps all your login data in one convenient, centralized location. That means instead of using a two-step verification method every time you go to access a program or site, once you are securely logged in to your SSO portal, you will have immediate and safe access. 

Administrative Ease

MFA and SSO aren’t just simple for the users, it’s easy on system admins too. Cloud assets can be easily and securely updated whenever provisioning or de-provisioning users to the system.



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Choose the Right MSP - one that will prioritize MFA

As you research your next managed service provider, use our checklist to ensure that your next MSP has your security covered from end to end.


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