Worksafe™ DNS Protect


Essential online protection

Stay protected and stop attacks in their tracks with Worksafe™ DNS Protect. DNS filtering is a necessary component of your IT security that prevents exposure to web-based threats and restricts access to inappropriate content.

Proactive Protection

Worksafe™ DNS Protect offers proactive protection against known bad sites and phishing links. Even if a link is clicked, users are redirected before the damage is done, ensuring your team members’ and company’s data is protected.

Customized Security

Your users are automatically protected from accessing known bad sites, but you choose additional layers of security custom to your needs. Filter websites by category or even filter access for a specific device.

Complete Visibility

Gain insights into your network usage with detailed, searchable, real-time security logs. If a hostname is used to access it, the logs have it! 

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A layered security approach

Workforce™ DNS Protect is an integral part of a multi-layer IT security strategy. Most threats to users and user data come from email scams and visiting malicious sites. 

With Worksafe™ DNS Protect, you can choose how to best manage your security infrastructure. Opt for advanced filtering methods by URL or content categories. However you choose to filter, all of your internet traffic will be scanned for malware, ransomware, and other malicious code.


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A MSP that protects your IT

A multitude of threats means a multi-layer approach is the best way to stay secure and one step ahead. Worksafe™ DNS Protect is just one of the many layers we use to secure your data. 

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