Worksafe™ Compliance


Compliance is Caring

Your IT security is a crucial part of your company’s compliance initiatives - no matter the industry. Maintaining compliance shows that you care - about your company and about your customers.

No Fish in the Microwave

Just as you have policies in place for workplace behavior, you need to have policies in place for how you handle customer data. 

Storage Almost Full

There’s no need to store all customer data forever. In fact, doing so may put you at risk. Follow the proper procedures to remove sensitive data as a way to keep compliant.

Definitely Not a Foreign Prince

The easiest way to hack into your system is via email - and hackers are only getting more sophisticated. Employ advanced email threat protection for safety.

RIPPLE L2 data migration-01

Now Where Did I Write Down that Credit Card Number?

Most of the time, cases of non-compliance aren’t due to malicious intent. A simple breach of protocol by a well-meaning employee is all it takes. 

Let’s say that you have a call center that needs to take customers’ credit card information. What are the procedures and policies that ensure the information is not written down on a notepad but instead safely logged in your system? The trick isn’t just about having the policies, procedures, and products - but making sure they are simple enough so that using them (and therefore being compliant) is the easiest option. 

That’s what we specialize in - simple, strategic IT that helps your people do their jobs to the best of their ability… while staying compliant.

Occasionally, a client will audit us, so there are some compliance items that we have to sort out. They help us with that process, which can be a behemoth of paperwork as they respond to questions about how information is backed up and how we keep our data secure.
Courtney Hodges-Lanius
HR Director | The XD Agency


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