Worksafe™ Backup


Worksafe™ Backup Securely Preserves Your Data

Keep your data safe, secure, and easily accessible with our reliable, cloud-based backup system.

Cloud & Local Backup

How and where you back up your data is unique to your business, and we're ready to accommodate you with cloud backup, local backup, or a combination. Your data is fully encrypted during the backup process, keeping it safe from snoopers, data loss, and malware.

Conveniently Access Your Backed-Up Data

Backup is only as good as its recovery - otherwise, what’s the point? We make sure that even if you have a disk failure, you will be able to access your individual files or restore entire systems efficiently.

No More Missing Files

Even if someone leaves your company, you’ll still be able to access important documents and files that tend to go missing once they’ve been disconnected. But, it’s more than what is just on their hard drive. We can even backup company Gmail, Google, and Microsoft 365 accounts for future use!

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Backups are an Important Layer in Managing Your Security

Data backup is essential to protect your company from not just malware or other malicious attacks, but also from system failures - whether it’s a device, a network, or even a natural disaster. That is why Worksafe Backup is one of the core layers of protection included in Ripple’s approach to security.


Which Backup Method Works for You?

We need to answer a few questions before knowing what type of backup is best for you. 

  • What data needs to be protected? 
  • How much downtime can you afford if you need to run a full recovery? 
  • Are your systems efficient enough to run smoothly while they back up? 
  • What type of backup schedule works best with your business operations? 

We will address those factors to help us understand which backup type works best for you - or rather, which combination works best for you. It’s all about layers!

Proactive End-to-End Protection

Worksafe Backup protects everything - files, applications, systems, and the devices they're on. If it's in your IT ecosystem, it’s already covered by our end-to-end protection. We use the best encryption technologies to give your backups the same security we give to everything else. If any hackers think they can hijack your data for a ransom, they can think again - because you thought ahead and use the best prevention and protection.



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Get Great Backup Service With the Right MSP

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Use our checklist to ensure that your next MSP will also be the last one you'll ever need.


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