Worksafe™ Antivirus


Time to Vaccinate Your Computer

Viruses evolve, and so do we. But we evolve proactively, so we are one step ahead in protecting your data. Trust us so you can focus on what truly matters - your work.  

Trick the Tricksters

Protect your devices and networks from anywhere at any time. Worksafe Antivirus can even take a "snapshot" of your device and revert it to previous settings if needed. Take that, tricksters!


If you do something out of the ordinary, our AI-driven antivirus notices through behavioral analysis and will quarantine the threat and prevent potential issues. Digitally speaking, of course.

Constant Vigilance!

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors the software's work at all times. That's right - 24/7 protection. What else would you expect from a SOC 2 certified MSP?

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We Aren't Fooled by Wooden Horses

It's been told that a Trojan priest once said, "I fear the Greeks, even when they come bearing gifts". We certainly don't fear the Greeks (quite the opposite - we love them!), but when it comes to threats, a wary eye helps us quickly assess, isolate, and fix vulnerabilities before they can become a real problem.

With a combination of AI-powered smart antivirus and ransomware prevention features, Worksafe Antivirus is built to protect you from traditional threats like trojans and worms as well as newer, sophisticated attacks by hackers.

Whether you have a Mac or a PC, you need a multi-layered approach to antivirus and an incident response plan in place. Because even if that wooden horse manages to slip past the gates, it will be met by our defenses.

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Antivirus Protection from an MSP You Trust

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