IT Project Management


Uncomplicate your IT projects

IT Projects require a lot of spinning plates in the air. Let us handle those for you. 

Consistent Process

Project management shouldn't be an add-on. It should be included as a part of your overall IT strategy, allowing for a more streamlined and specific process with a team you trust.

Useful Communication

Your project won't disappear into a black hole once you hand over the keys. You'll receive regular - and useful - updates about the project throughout the process.

User Experience

Implementing the user experience is the most challenging part of any IT project. We'll work to make sure that your team's experience is outstanding and painless.

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Complex projects made simpler

IT projects are prone to changes and complexities. It's just a part of it. Those complexities can include things like:

  • Integrating different hardware, networks, and software to existing systems
  • Shifting expectations by end-users and other stakeholders
  • Mid-project upgrades that cause adjustments to timelines, budgets, or operations

Combined, these complexities are frustrating to any IT project manager. But you know what else can get in the way of successful project completion?

The "people element" of change.

Oftentimes, project managers are so fixated on the intricacies of their IT projects that they lose sight of a Humans First® experience. And things can get messy. 

We're here to make sure your project process is clean and simple.

We had complicated issues related to disentangling ourselves from our parent company’s tech systems. Our onboarding took longer than Ripple anticipated, but they really stuck with us. As we transitioned off of our parent company’s systems, they had weekly calls with our staff for several months. I appreciated their flexibility and ability to stick with us until the initial project was complete.


Sarah Benedict, Policy & Advocacy Manager
Food Well Alliance
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IT Project Management with the right MSP

IT projects require a ton of communication and coordination, as well as solving difficult problems and accounting for growing pains. 

Choose an MSP that is dedicated to easing project pains.

Find the right IT partner with our checklist.


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