New User Setup and Onboarding


Get your employees ready to work - no matter where they are

As the head of a hybrid workforce, you might be scratching your head in confusion, wondering how best to get a new user set up with equipment, software, and IT. Don't fret though—that's our forte here at Ripple.

Inventory Management

Let us handle getting your new team members the tools they need - already set up and ready to go. Focus on getting new members up to speed instead of tracking numbers.

Strategic Approach

We'll help you carve out a real, actionable, future-proof strategy to new user set-up. You'll quickly have a hybrid workplace that knocks your business goals out of the park. 

User Retirement

It always hurts to say goodbye - but we'll try to ease that pain by handling the retrieval of equipment from departing team members. Offboarding has never been so easy.

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Get your new team members the tools they need...without the chaos

IT inventory management is the process of tracking all your remote equipment and devices to get crucial insight on:

  • Changes in asset usage and ownership
  • Purchases across teams
  • Other key info regarding your deployed assets—be it procurement, maintenance, or disposal

Inventory management software can only do so much. Plus, this sort of approach is traditional at best—it's about tools and projects; not about people getting more done.

We can help you change that. Our team at Ripple is focused on empowering everyone to excel—yes, even your distributed hybrid workforce! We'll come with the tools to keep an inventory of your IT assets and get them all accurately tracked and we'll do much, much more. 

Best of all - this is all included when you choose us as your managed services provider.

Their team handles the onboarding setup for new hires such as granting access to company resources like our Egnyte cloud system. It’s the same for when anyone offboards. Typically, we just connect with them, and they’ll make all of the changes in real-time as needed.


Courtney Hodges-Lanius, HR Director   
The XD Agency
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Get professional IT consultation with the right MSP

Our team will help your remote workforce get their devices and tools loaded—quickly, conveniently, and aligned with your business goals.

There are many MSPs to choose from. We know that you need to make the best decision for your business.

Find the right IT partner with our checklist.



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