Multi-Channel IT Help Desk


An MSP Help Desk in the places that work for you

Would you rather get support through the phone? What about email? Or is live chat better? Whatever channel you prefer, we've got you covered on all ends.

Email IT Support

Getting support by email doesn't mean it will take forever to resolve an issue. Your dedicated IT support team is responsive and will quickly get you the solution you need.

Phone IT Support

Need help with emergency IT issues? With Ripple, you can expect help from an expert who knows your business and your issues inside and out.

Chat IT Support

If phone and email support are not your cup of tea, we've got chat IT support. We can even be in your Slack® channels, so we can answer IT-related questions immediately.

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IT Support from a team that knows you

You expect solutions when you call your IT support company. Scripted and regurgitated responses won't do. Each interaction with Ripple is unique, just like your challenges

Whether you are communicating through emails, chats, or phone support, you can expect a friendly Rippler on the other end of the line.

We make a real effort to meet your request on time, so every call or email doesn't feel like a chore. We've also streamlined the experience, so no more long on-hold times or emails that take forever to get a response.

You'll have a dedicated "pod" of experts assigned to you that will know your business. For instance:

  • What solutions are you using?
  • What pain points do your teams experience?
  • What issues have you had in the past? 

From there, every time you want support, we can get straight to it.

We don’t have a lot of technical expertise within the organization so dealing with them has been a blessing. They’re able to explain technical things to laymen in an easy way. Their team always remains patient with us, we’re never rushed off the phone. We never leave with any open questions...They read up on our past issues so they’re informed. It’s clear that they’re doing their homework. This is all on top of the fact that their turnaround time to close issues is extraordinary.
Barney Gallassio, Chief Service Officer 
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Find an MSP that makes solving IT problems hassle-free

We know it's stressful dealing with IT issues, security breaches, or outages. That's why you need to find an MSP that focuses on making it as pain free as possible for you and your team. 

Find the right IT partner with our checklist.


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