Ripple support provides a spam filtering and virus filtering service for your email that acts as a secret inbox guard. Each day, AppRiver users should receive an email from Ripple containing all of the emails withheld from their inbox the previous day. Our server uses its best judgement, but sometimes legitimate mail can get caught in this filter. To release messages from the Daily Held Mail Report to your inbox, use the following step-by-step guide:

1. Click the Reports option to get control over whether you want to receive the Daily Held Mail Reports and system alerts. You can also request the current immediate On Demand Report (what is currently being held).

2. Under “Held Spam” section of the Daily Held Mail Report, click Release to the left of the email you wish to move to your inbox. It should arrive within a minute or two.

3. After clicking the Release link, you will be taken to a website that contains more information about the message you set free. On this site, you have the ability to add that sender’s email address to a “Whitelist” ensuring messages from this address won’t get caught in the spam filter again.

Simple enough? For more information, feel free to contact your friendly, neighborhood, spam-fighting Rippler.