Printing has several associated costs. There’s the cost of the consumables (paper and toner), the cost of the printer itself, and the cost of disposing of waste paper, which is even higher if you use a secure shredding service. So reducing your printing can save you money.

  • Enable duplex printing as the default setting on all your printers that can print duplex.
  • Consider using printers with a high per-page cost for only special projects for which you need the high quality and can justify the high cost. Turn them off otherwise, to prevent people accidentally printing to them.
  • View PDFs in Adobe Reader on screen instead of printing them.
  • Stop printing those emails. Archive them to CD or DVD instead.
  • If you synchronize your calendar with your smartphone, stop printing directions and instead put the directions in a calendar item, which you can then view in your car.
  • Replace your fax machine with an eFax number to reduce the waste associated with those spam faxes, from more paper
    in the recycle bin to a couple extra mouse clicks on the Delete button.
  • Instead of arriving to your meeting with a stack of printed agendas, send your meeting agenda to the other participants via email, giving them the option of printing it themselves.