Being in a Results-Only Work Environment company means that the lines of communication between coworkers must always be open, particularly when people are working both in and outside the office. Ripplers not only have to stay in communication with each other, but we’re always aiming to improve our processes for finding information and solving problems.

Part of how we do that is by using applications that inform other Ripplers of where we are, what we’re working on, and when we’re done for the day. One tool we’ve really taken to is the social networking application Yammer.

Billing itself as “The Enterprise Social Network,” Yammer mimics popular public networking sites like Facebook in design, but is geared for communication within one company. It allows for private messages between two or more team members, as well as a real-time feed that everyone within company can see. We use it to notify each other about lunch breaks, ask company-wide questions, and even give praise for a job well done.

Yammer recently acquired oneDrum, which allows for the sharing and editing of Microsoft Office documents in real-time. Yammer’s CEO said they plan to debut this integration in an update scheduled for sometime this summer. For companies not using Google Docs, the beefed-up Yammer will make collaboration between coworkers a heck of a lot easier no matter where they choose to work. Even so, I recommend checking out the most recent update available now, which added polls, events, chat, and the ability to integrate and search data from enterprise applications like SalesForce, SAP, and Microsoft SharePoint. It may not fix every communication issue, but in conjunction with a cloud-based email and calendar system we’ve found that Yammer helps us help people a lot faster.