Photograph courtesy of 3R Technology.

Although Georgia isn’t one of the states with a ban on tossing tech gear in the trash, it’s a good idea to recycle your outdated towers and ‘tops, unless you are particularly fond of heavy metals seeping into your ground water.

In Atlanta, we recommend donating your old, but  functioning stuff to Computers For Youth, an organization that provides “more than 100 high-poverty public schools with training for teachers, students and their parents along with a free broadband-ready home computer loaded with educational software and 24×7 bilingual help desk support.” It’s a good cause, and the people at CFY are always super appreciative for the gift of what would otherwise end up in the garbage.

As for non-functioning gear, you can drop the rest off at IMS Electronics. They’ll even wipe, purge, and send verification of destroyed materials for a small fee. But most importantly, what you give to IMS will get “dismantled and shredded to refine for base commodities such as; steel, aluminum, plastic,” and yes, more circuit boards. That’s a benefit not only for the environment but for consumers, who will reap their reward when purchasing new, less expensive products made from recycled materials. That trickle down theory works, right? Well, regardless, you won’t be adding to landfills already clogged with Zunes and Tandys.

Get in touch with either of these companies by clicking the links above. Oh, and if you’ve got one or more Antikythera Mechanisms lying around, I’d suggest putting ’em on eBay before you consider a trip to the scrapyard.