Most people in the US think they need to lose weight. But what they really need to lose is fat. Losing fat is the surest way to achieve what most folks really want, which is to look good in a bathing suit (or naked!). I promise this is about business, stick with me.

Unfortunately, most folks choose to diet as a way of achieving their body image goals. But diets that are nutritionally deficient (which is probably every fad diet) rob your body of the building blocks necessary to maintain good bone, joint, and muscle health. So while you may achieve some weight loss with a fad diet, chances are good you’ve weakened your body in the process.

Not surprisingly, the most effective way to lose fat is to gain muscle, and the only real way to gain muscle is to exercise. An exercising body, eating a nutritious diet, naturally gains muscle and sheds fat.

A lot of companies, at one point or another, get fixated on cutting costs. Some seem perennially obsessed by it. What they really need to do is cut away the stuff that doesn’t help them deliver great products or services, the stuff that isn’t providing any value. In other words, they need to cut the fat.

Most of our clients, and maybe most companies in America at this point, consist of mostly knowledge workers. Computers, software, bandwidth, collaboration tools, and training are the building blocks of their work product, the nutrients their body (staff) needs to exercise (do great work). While it might seem frugal to buy the least expensive computers one can get, and only replace them when they break, what you’re doing is robbing your staff of the tools they need to do great work.

In the absence of good nutrition, a body will continue to try to develop muscle as you exercise it. But eventually you will suffer an injury and forward progress stops. A motivated staff will continue to try, in the absence of good tools, to produce great work. But only for a limited time. Eventually your best people will leave, and those willing to stay will have checked out and stopped trying.