This week I’m trying something radically different than my normal routine. I’m going to try to limit myself to one espresso, coffee, or similarly caffeinated drink per day.

It’s a bold choice considering I haven’t gone more than a day without ingesting at least three (usually an Espresso in the morning, Americano in the afternoon, and some Earl Grey after dinner) in quite awhile. But what began as a love of good coffee and strong tea has become an addiction that makes mornings without caffeine something of a cross between sleepy and irritable. I’m sure my fiancee could be more descriptive, but for the sake of brevity (and in avoidance of slander), I’ll leave it at that.

It’s tough. At home my roommate makes at least two lattes per day using a stovetop espresso maker and milk steamer, and my fiancee and I usually end dinner with hot tea. The work situation is a lot worse (or better if you’re not trying to limit your caffeine intake). At Ripple, I sit at my desk with that Cimbali espresso machine in my peripheral vision all day. And, of course, we’re just a few blocks from Octane Westside. Did I mention that I live in Grant Park where the new Octane recently opened? It’s kinda like that Temptation Island show I never bothered to watch but assume had lots of temptations. Ugh.

I’m only three days into this experiment. And I think if I keep telling myself that it’s just a temporary situation, I might be able to make it a week. Maybe not. In any case, if you see me at either Octane, or if one of my fellow Ripplers reads this and sees me getting up to make that second espresso, please stop me. I’ll likely try to convince you that it’s the first caffeinated drink I’ve had all day. Do not believe this, as the need for caffeination is strong with me. Just sit me down, get an herbal tea, and tell me it’s gonna be alright.