With the unveiling of the iOS 8 at WWDC, HealthKit, a new framework, caught the attention of doctors everywhere. Similar to the iOS 6 Passbook system that electronically manages tickets, boarding passes, coupons, and other records, it has the ability to manage and to make patient health history portable through the cloud. The Health app includes a Fitness, Sleep, and Nutrition tracker and could be classified as a glorified diet app, but its ability to store valuable information under Diagnostics, Lab Results, Medications and Vitals, and the Medical ID is the gem that caught the attention of doctors everywhere.

You heard right, patients with the ability to take medical forms explaining preexisting conditions, x-rays, MRI scans, and many more wherever they go. Imagine entering a doctors office and never having to fill out the same repetitive forms, but rather pulling up your entire health history with the click of a button. Countless lives and hours could be saved if the health industry could skip the many archaic steps involved in gathering information, faxing forms( which ultimately end up fuzzy and  not legible anyways), and making images compatible across systems. It will also eliminate the “uhhh I can’t remember” speech patients often give and save doctors time by skipping the 20 questions game. So you decide. Is this just another app to quantify diet data, or could it be something much more?